Both our older girls loved being swaddled, especially Kadiann-wrap her up and she was out for the count all night. Unfortunately Nila hates it, considering she loves being in her Iswaddle wrap, she can not stand being swaddled. She fights tooth and nail until she has wriggled out of it like an escapologist!.

Anything covering her feet is a no go:socks ,sleep-suits,blankets, you name it, it has to come off,thank goodness for footless sleep-suits!. 

Luckily the Iswaddle Muslin Swaddle Blankets-Animal Fun are so versatile,and absolutely huge!.They can be used for so many things,as well as the older girls pinching them for themselves,we take ours everywhere with us.They can be used for a

*Picnic blanket
*Pram shade
*Changing mat
*Car nap blanket
*Car window shade
*Emergency poop explosion cover up-from experience! :)
*Towel for the little ones at the beach 

These are just a few things that we have used them for and we absolutely love them. Alessia has nicked,her words, one for her bed as she is obsessed with monkeys at the minute and wants one for Christmas, a monkey,not happening...

They retail at £19.99 for a set of four which for 100% muslin cotton, i think is excellent value for money. They are a gorgeous unisex animal design and would make a perfect gift.

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*We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review*


  1. Oo I love the patterns on these - we use muslin cloths everyday and don't know what I'd do without them!

  2. What a good price, my nephew did love his swaddle blanket when he was young and we used for many things

  3. They seem pretty cost effective. My nephew wouldn't keep his on for longer than a few minutes, even when asleep. We're having the same problem with clothes now. I'm sure he's going to be a nudist! Haha

  4. Aww, how lovely. Lovely pattern on them :)

  5. I like the price tag. So affordable and the design is a beauty too.

  6. Such pretty patterns. I would have bought these for my boys.

  7. I loved having huge muslin's when mine were little. They make great blankets for the summer months too

  8. I had so many muslins with my twins, these look lovely and great quality

  9. Ahh these muslins are the best thing. So many different uses xx

  10. I must confess, we've only just stopped using our muslins and my youngest is 10! They were probably my number one baby product.

  11. Hehe, I personally can´t stand anything covering up my feet while sleeping too. Only when I am really sick then I sleep with socks. I believe that I am altering my temperature through my bare feet, if it makes sense.

  12. I have some Muslin's this size. We use them for wiping dribble, light blankets, sun shades (obviously not covering baby and only when having a quick journey), nappy free time. Everything.

    It looks like I might be investing in some new ones! :) These look lovely!

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  14. My little girl never liked being swaddles and confined but she did love having a muslin lightly over her face in the pram. These swaddles look great and I'd definitely look at this brand if we were to have another baby.


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