Saturday 30 September 2017


Today has been absolutely miserable. Summer is definitely over and we have nothing but dark mornings and rain.The rain has not stopped and it has been one of them days where the craft box has been out all day. 

We have been loving the packs by post by Veemcdee. They are packs of crafting materials delivered straight to your door.The packs fit through your letter box and look deceiving but they are jam packed with lots of different craft bits and you receive a different pack each time.

Veemcdee has been sent up by Vanessa, a mother of 2 ,who, through this pack,encourages creativity and imaginary play. No instructions to follow- just let your little ones imagination run wild and you will have a master piece at the end of it! :)

You can opt for a rolling or fixed subscription and they are super adorable and Alessia absolutely loves them!.

We have spent most of the afternoon making secret journals- this is one of Alessia's favourite things to make at the moment, and of course it is never to early for Christmas decorations...or is it? . We have been making Christmas tree decorations and mistletoe, so bring on December, we are ready for you! 

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*We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review*

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