Wednesday 18 October 2017


Now Nila has made an entrance into the world, our three bedroom house is proving to be somewhat to small. Having recently moved and really liking the area, we do not want to move again .The bedrooms here,unfortunately, are not that big and even though everyone loves newborn baby cuddles, the girls are fighting over who has to share their bedroom soon with their baby sister.

As we privately rent this home, we have recently got in contact with the landlord  about getting an attic conversion. They have agreed to pay for the majority of it, which is excellent and we have decided that Kadiann, at 14, will have that bedroom,she is so excited!. I can remember when i was a teenager my dad built an attic conversion,he is a builder by trade, and i absolutely loved it.

Roof windows are a must when it comes to an attic bedroom, it can get extremely hot in an attic as all the heat rises and for obvious health and safety reasons. Velux, are a brand that have been designing stunning roof windows for over 75 years. They offer a 10 year guarantee on all roof windows and flashings. They come in a wide range of sizes, finishes and control options to suit everyone's taste.

We have decided to go with the centre-pivot roof window for our conversion, which is one of Velux's classics.It is easy to install,easy to open and easy to use- which is perfect for a teenager! :)

We really can not wait to get the house complete and start decorating all the girls bedrooms.

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