Friday 20 October 2017


Before we decided to have another child, i knew things would change. Kadiann being 14 and Alessia 8, we rarely needed a babysitter, if we ever went out the girls would end up having sleepovers at their friends house and life was a little easier and to be honest, care free.

I enjoyed my weekends off work and Friday evenings where me and Scott would go to the local pub quiz night with a few friends.Those days have had to be put on hold for a while as Nila is only 15 weeks old, and being the protective mother that i am, i am not ready yet for anyone to watch her for a long period of time.That doesn't mean i have to miss out.

Although Scott still goes out on the weekend, we also have games night at home, i love it. We put the girls to bed , order a take away and decide what we fancy doing that night.It varies , so some nights we have movie night,even though i end up falling asleep half way through the movie,sorry Scott!, we get the board games out- we normally start off with Scattergories,definitely a classic.Or we go online and play games.

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