Sunday 22 October 2017


Christmas is just around the corner- literally!, and now is the time i start to plan ahead and start buying little bits and pieces,especially with having three children this year!.

 I do struggle going Christmas shopping in town, as now i have baby Nila, town seems impossible! I didn't actually realise how un-buggy friendly our big town was, until i decided to take the bus into town,never again!

Nila is going to be 6 months old come Christmas and honestly, i am not getting her to much. She is only little and will not understand what is going on around her .Alessia wants some heelys- the thought of Alessia and heelys scares the hell out of me.She also wants some crafting stuff,board games, oh and a £100 barbie doll house with an elevator!.

Now Kadiann is 14, she has asked for completely different things this year. She is really loving art at school and has asked for some art pencils and some sketching pads for Christmas, some trainers,make up and clothes.

I have found some really good discount codes online for Debenhams with free delivery.These are the deals that i absolutely love, and you can sit on your sofa with a brew and shop til your hearts content and not move a muscle- well maybe a few to pick that brew up :)

I do also love being in the shops (when i can get the buggy in) and hearing the Christmas songs playing. That really gets me in the festive mood. All the shop decorations, the trees and tinsel -it is such a lovely atmosphere.

I guess you could say i am a bit of both :) - what are you? an online shopper? shopper in the shops? or a bit of me like me? :)

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