Friday 3 November 2017


when it comes to being creative , I must admit I am a complete perfectionist . I can spend absoulately ages working on a project or a simple task and if it isn't up to scratch in my eyes , then it's game over and I will totally give up .

When I discovered a love for writing and Unconventinal kira was born , I didn't know where to start in regards to a logo. I had never done one before and did not know where to look for help. It was only a few months ago that I actually become the owner of a logo,thanks to a friend of mine .

I had tried all the logo sites,that I could think of, and honestly, none of them was my cup of tea or stood out to me,until I found Logojoy.

Now before you think 'she's going to say this site is amazing' ,which it is :) , I just want to tell you how simple it is! . There is no messing about , or  having to choose something because you've gone through every possible colour or font, which has happened to me on so many occasions,hence the 2 years of having no logo. I created my logo in minutes and absoulately love it!

Super simple steps

1. Start off by entering your name / blog name, which ever name you wish to have as the main text

2. You get to select some colours that will be incorporated into your logo. It also tells you some meanings and corresponding words about the colours you choose which I thought was a nice personal feel to making my logo

3. This is where you can choose up to 5 different symbols, now this is the bit I loved as I have been trying to find a logo site that had spiritual symbols and have never found them - I actually found the symbol I have wanted in my logo and couldn't believe it ! *happy dance*

4.Hey presto! You have your logo complete and so many to chose from  . At this point you have the choice to also mess around with the colour contrast, font , all sorts until you have your logo that you are happy with.

5. Save your designs and download them to your laptop and you are good to go - add them to your blog , YouTube, business cards . They are yours to keep :)

It was so simple and easy to use . The prices vary depending on what package you pick , ranging from as little as $20 which is bargain.

If your interested in having a look and making your very own professionally logo then I would highly recommend checking them out. Let me know what you think and I would love to see your designs :)

*Collaborative Post*

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