Wednesday 6 December 2017


Christmas is only round the corner and i have put together a round up of some gift ideas that i think would be perfect for that little girl in your life, i know my daughter Alessia would be over the moon to receive any of them! :)


The award winning Card people in a box .They are a portable, creative colouring set that includes everything you need to make an imaginative role play scene that will have any little one hooked for hours of play.In each set includes a back scene, card people, coloured pencils and also plastic props to stand your Carddies on. They come in so many different scenes,including this nativity one, which is perfect for Christmas!


 I honestly don't know any child that doesn't have or want a pair of these for Christmas!. They are shoes with a removable heel, allowing children to have hours of fun wheeling wherever they go. They come with 1 wheel for the more older child that has better balance, and then 2 wheels for the younger child and the less confident child, but the second wheel can be removed once you have a confident wheeler on your hands :)

Unique Boutique Nail Art Set

Every year Alessia will ask for some sort of nail set, this one is a perfect little set.Contains everything you need for pretty nails,including some gorgeous pots of nail glitter and gems. It is also on offer for half price at the moment,bargain!

Ka-Wazie Unicorn Scrapbook

For any little scrap booker out there and unicorn lover, this set contains over 150 different accessories to create your own unique secret scrapbook

Sylvanian Cosy Cottage Starter Home

For anyone who is thinking of getting their children some Sylvanian family presents then this cottage is the perfect starter home.It comes with kitchen units,table and chairs, a bed and the cute rabbit sister Freya chocolate.The top is also removable, which can be flipped over to make a garden for outside your cottage

 GL STYLE 2 in 1 Hair Beader and-braider

I use to love having my hair braided when i was younger and had so many beads at home to do my own hair. This set includes the beader and the braider , so you have everything you need in this set plus tons of beads to get the coolest hair for Christmas :)

Hama Beads Bumper Activity Set

If your child is into crafts and beads then they will love hama beads. This is the ultimate hama bead set with over 6000 different coloured beads and an array of different peg boards to chose from. There will be no time to get bored over Christmas with this set!

Would your little munchkin like any of these gifts for Christmas? Or have you already spotted some of them on their Christmas list to Santa? :)

- Contains some Pr Samples

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