Tuesday 5 December 2017


I can not believe my little Nila bug is at the stage of weaning , it really doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since I gave birth to this gorgeous bundle of cuteness! Now here we are - 5 months on and absolutely loving weaning :)

So we started introducing food to Nila when she was just over 4 and a half months . Most parents will say, they saw the signs , with Nila , the signs literally smacked us straight in the face! She was eager to try and get her hands on any food she could , even grabbed pasta off my plate and went to stuff her face with it - luckily I am one quick mama :) . Mimicking eating and at meal times she would have a staring competition with our plate of food , which did have us giggling at times but also made us feel super guilty.

We started with baby rice in the morning to introduce them first tastes and textures . She was a little unsure with the first spoonful but then lapped it up and had the biggest grin on her face . After a week of this we added a small amount of fruit puree in with the rice to give it a different taste and get Nila familiar with fruits, she was a little surprised with the sweetness of some of them, in particular Apple, but she absolutely loves banana and this is her favourite at the minute for breakfast.

After a fortnight , we introduced savouries at tea time - She first tried pureed carrot- which I can say is one thing I hate cooking ! They never seem to soften ! Carrots were a hit, nothing left in her bowl and this is where we introduced a beaker of cool boiled water. She loves sitting in her high chair and exploring her beaker , most of it goes all over the place but she’s such a big girl trying and I love watching her .

We’ve also been trying out the piccolo pouches and honestly Nila loves them,they are so good - made with 100% natural ingredients , they are just as good as making your own. The courgette,pea and leek is one of her favourite tea time pouches.

When we sit down and have our tea we have been trying her with the Ella's kitchen melty puffs,these keep her going for ages and i feel so spoilt being able to eat with a fork and a knife again - you all know what i mean on this one! Her hand- eye co ordination is also coming on amazingly with the encouragement of a little baby-led weaning.

So far weaning is going really well and she is enjoying every minute of it :)

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