Saturday 23 December 2017


Now there is no secret that i am a complete lushaholic, yes i do realise i have probably made that word up, but it is true.I absolutely love Lush. The Christmas range excites me the most and ,although i don't tend to go crazy as I know the lush Boxing Day sale is amazing! , I thought  i would share my my mini haul with you.

 So first up is the famous Candy Mountain bubble bar - we have been getting this for a few years now and it smells amazing,as the name says 'Candy Mountain'. it smells like a sweet shop !

The Christmas Eve bubble bar came back this year. It has changed slightly, but the scent is exactly how i remember it - designed to help you drift off to sleep on Christmas eve with the gorgeous ylang ylang and Jasmine

Plum Snow bubble bar is a new one this year.Turning your water into a deep purple - with uplifting mandarin oils, it will leave you feeling super rejuvenated.

This is another new one from lush this year , its the snow fairy jelly bomb. This was actually recommended to us by one of the staff at Lush - filling the bath with jelly bubbles, i am excited to try this out!

Lastly is the Santa's Christmas shower cream. Now i am not normally a fan of shower creams but this one is amazing!. It smells so good,almost like a cola kube smell - do you remember them sweets? this is a firm favourite of mine this year for sure! :)

Have you been on a Lush shopping spree yet? Would love to know what you have purchased and what is your favourite for this Christmas line up :)

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