Sunday 17 December 2017


If you have been following me for a while then you will know we recently added to our family and have another little bundle of cuteness Baby Nila.

Having three children in a small three bedroom house can be somewhat cramped and unfortunately the bedrooms are just not big enough for the children to share , especially with the amount of toys they have!.

After a long chat and talking with our landlord , we have decided to convert the attic into a fourth bedroom next year. A lot of planning has gone into this and we love our neighbours so moving was a definite no go, so the only other option was to extend , and this seemed the perfect solution.

I actually had an attic bedroom when I was a teenager and absoulately loved it and kadiann, being our eldest daughter , we have asked if she would like it and she can not wait to move in up there ! :)

We have been shopping around and have found some lovely pieces to add to the room once it’s completed . She has opted for blinds and to be honest , we have blinds in every room and I think they make a room look more elegant .

She has found the most cute blinds on the VELUX website . They are a beautiful pale pinky colour with Bambi design print on them . They have a wide variety of blinds and a whole section of Disney , so we’re actually thinking of switching up all the girls blinds when they have their own rooms.

How do you find having a bigger family ? Do your children share bedrooms? I would love to know if you have any tips or tricks :)

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