Friday 1 December 2017


The weekends are my absolute favourite, no school runs- getting up and fluttering about with baby Nila and the older two girls for school. It is bliss!

I also love that Scott is at home in the evenings,he works until 9.30pm Monday to Friday and by the time he gets home at 10pm  i am shattered and there is no way you are keeping me up for movies or even a chat, i am far away in the land of nod! :)

So weekends for us are perfect. We have games night or movie night on a Saturday with the girls and Sundays are our nights to either relax with a bottle of wine or get the computer on and find some  online games to play.

We like Boomtown Bingo, they are based in Great Britain and honestly they have so many games to choose from ,there is definitely a game for everyone!

We actually really enjoy bingo,so being able to play it at home is super handy- and a lot cheaper! We have actually played against each other ,which is quite fun- i have got to say ,which pains me, that he has won more times than i have,but my day will come , i have told him i have just been 'warming up' :) .Scott's favourite has got to be the deal or no deal games ,he normally plays one of these whilst i am getting the snacks ready.

 i also love that you can play it on your mobile-so if you don't fancy getting the computer or laptop out , just download the app suited to your phone and your ready to play.This also makes it super easy to snuggle up in bed with a hot chocolate now it is winter and play on your phone- which is our go to thing on a Sunday evening :)

Do you have a favourite game you enjoy playing with your other half ? or any weekend fun you can recommend :)

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