Wednesday 21 February 2018


We are 3 days into the half term and I am loving the girls being off. Even though they drive me insane sometimes , I absolutely miss them like crazy when they are at school .

Last week I vowed to get ahead of the game and plan all my work from home stuff for this week so we could have a week of fun fun fun!.

Half term can be pretty expensive, especially if you have more than one kiddie like myself- having three can definately break the bank balance so I planned a few days out and some indoor activities that would not only save the pennies but also be super fun for everyone.

Soft play - I don’t think you can go wrong with soft play. I think most children love it , most adults hate it but hey ho you can’t win them all :) - I do find some soft plays to be quite expensive so I do try and shop around online to find the Latest deals and special offers, I love a good bargain hunt.

The girls love baking so we have been getting our bake on and made some delicious banana and chocolate chip loaf - it was delicious and even baby Nila loved it. Although I didn’t enjoy the mess she made, definitely a mucky pup! :)

Crafts are a big hit in this house and the girls can spend hours at the table making little projects. We went into our local town yesterday as they had a craft event which was free!. It was a space event and the girls made rockets and astronaut masks. We were there for a good few hours and picked up a cheap and cheerful meal deal from boots that was under £10 for us all.

Movie night - although I am a sucker for falling asleep. So I made myself a big cup of coffee , got the popcorn out and we binged on goosebumps series from my childhood. The girls love goosebumps and I didn’t fall asleep! Win win :)

How are you finding half term? Or have you already had yours? Was it and expensive week or did you manage to save a few pennies like us .

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