Monday 26 February 2018


Nila is now 7 Months Old and weaning is in full swing. She is having the best time trying out all the different foods and now she is that little bit older we have been trying out some finger foods and really encouraging baby led weaning .

Being a mum of three, I am quite laid back when it comes to parenting and really encourage the girls to be their own little people and let them learn from their mistakes and let them win at them too!, But when it comes to weaning this time round , I am a little cautious now we are at the stage where choking occurs.

Nila loves her food, so much so she mostly inhales it! :) she can’t get enough of it and really gets stuck in , which does resort in a few chokes and gags along the way. I know it is a learning process and all babies choke and gag when learning how to chew but third time round and I am a nervous wreck!. I find myself saying chew and mimicking chewing, which of course Nila thinks is hilarious! :)

 Favourite finger foods at the minute are banana pancakes- I made Nila some pancakes on Shrove Tuesday with mashed bananas and egg and she loved them!. We have been baking over half term and I made my famous banana loaf - with added chocolate chip cookies as a treat. Nila demolished hers. It is safe to say her absolute favourite is banana, she loves it mashed, in cakes or pureed in her breakfast, it is a staple for her .

We’ve tried grated cheese and slightly mashed/ lumpy broccoli . She wasn’t to keen on the taste of the cheese but I will try her with it again.

she’s really been enjoying the organix sweet corn rings after her lunch and also the kiddylious wafers. I have been breaking the wafers into bit size portions and putting them on her high chair tray which encourages the pinch grasp and the concentration on her little face is super cute !.

She loves the Piccolo apricot and apple pouches, she even holds it herself and sucks! which melts my heart, stop growing up baby girl!.

She has water in her tommee tippee 7+ cup which is a no spill one - I can’t for the life of me remember what it is called, but we have tried a few and this one she is getting on really well with and doesn’t end up looking like a drowned rat after meal times ...

She is still having her 4 bottles a day of 7oz as I feel it is very important to keep the milk as Nila’s main source of food until she is 1 , and she bloody loves her bottles of milk! :)

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