Monday 5 February 2018


If you have children and have never heard of project Mc2 then where have you been? I first come across it when Alessia was watching the Netflix original series one evening and I must admit it looks pretty cool :) - yes I am that parent who enjoys watching the girls’ programmes.

I never even knew they had a full range of dolls out. Alessia got one of the dolls for Christmas  and had said she wanted to collect them all. When we were asked if we would like to review one , Alessia was over the moon and couldn’t wait to see which doll she would receive.

We got the Glue tattoo doll called McKeyla McAlister and Alessia absoulately loves her! One thing all my girls love is tattoos, I think it has something to do with my love of tattoos and having 7 of them myself :)

McKeyla McAlister comes in her unicorn inspired outfit with a gorgeous cape and a few accessories including a cute little eye mask as well as the tattoo stencils and the brush and pot to make up the glue - everything you need to conduct your own experiments at home using s.t.e.a.m - science, technology,engineering,art and maths .

It is a pretty simple tattoo reciepe - glue and some food colouring with a bit of glitter ! Which is brilliant as the girls suffer from eczema so these type of tattoos made ourselves never seem to aggravate it *touches wood*

You simply attach the stencil to your arm , dab some of the homemade ‘tattoo mixture’onto the stencil and then sprinkle so glitter in place - easy Peasy , and so simple for Alessia to do by herself as well as with friends.

Alessia has loved adding McKeyla to her collection and she has added the other Mc2 dolls onto her birthday list for July - I better start saving ! :)

Do you have a little Projct Mc2 fan in your house?

- We were kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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