Wednesday 7 February 2018


Rocky Road is one of our absoulate favourite treats to eat. The gooey marshmellow pieces are the best! . It is so simple to make and the best part about it is there is no baking involved.

We decided to create a Valentines Rocky Road delight for us all to enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate, and maybe even save Daddy some for Valentines Day , maybe not ! :) 

All you need is half a packet of chocolate cookies, a bar of chocolate, it can be dark, milk or white, whichever you have in. Marshmallows- we opted for the Dr Oetker heart ones to make our rocky road more valentines like. Sprinkles , some multicoloured chocolate buttons and some love heart sweets.

Firstly break up your bar of chocolate into small squares and put them in a bowl along with  all the coloured chocolate buttons  and heat that in the microwave until it is full melted.

Break the cookies into little pieces and add them into the melted chocolate along with the marshmallows, save a few for the top, and add the  sprinkles. Give it all a big mix and transfer the mixture to a dish lined with grease proof paper.

Push down on your rocky road so it is compact and will set well. This is the best part - decorate the top with your left over marshmallow hearts and love heart sweets, try not to eat them! Alessia found this very hard :)

Pop it in the fridge for half an hour and once it is set , cut into small chunks and enjoy! 

- We used some PR samples from Dr Oetker in this reciepe 

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