Friday 9 February 2018


Scott and I haven’t been out together for a very long time . We use to go to the cinema or out to dinner . We loved going to the local pub quiz nights- they were our thing and if I am honest , I really do miss them.

We actually spoke about ‘back in the day’ as we call it last week and how we did miss time alone, but we also agreed that it wouldn’t be like this forever and we chose to have another baby - and she is cutest little thing going!

I am not quite ready to let someone babysit Nila for the evening . She is now 7 Months and very much a mummies girl. I work all day Sundays and Scott takes over for the day, even then I worry about her, and she is with her dad! So the thought of letting her nana or someone watch her is out of the question for me.

We have opted for Lunch dates - with a twist :) Scott does split shifts during the week , so he finishes at 1pm and re starts at 4.30pm so we have decided to go out for some lunch dates before we pick up the older two.

We tried out the new restaurant by our home today- The horn and trumpet . It’s actually a family friendly restaurant and has a lovely park too, which will be great for the girls in the summer - i can never switch off mummy Brain! :) . 

We both chose a hunters chicken like dish - which was absolutely delicious! Nila actually slept the whole time so we enjoyed a chat and each other’s company- didn’t manage a photo of us together, which I vow to start getting more of.

We fed Nila her lunch and I had pudding - of course. It was a lovely afternoon and I really do hope we continue to make time for each other as I feel it is so important .

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