Wednesday 14 March 2018


When it comes to baking with the children, I try and make the recipes we do as simple as possible . No child wants to wait until you’ve finished with the ‘harder’ parts. I save all the hard work baking for when it’s just me , the joys! :)

 The girls love baking and love coming up with yummy treats. We have been making some delicious mini egg chocolate Krispie cakes over the weekend. I honestly don’t think baking could be an easier with this recipe, it takes no time at all and there are absolutely delicious!.

All you need is some Rice Krispies - we don’t even measure them ! A sharing bar of dairy milk and some mini eggs!

Melt the chocolate in a microwaveable bowl ,I usually stop every 30 seconds and give it a stir until fully melted. Add in your Rice Krispies - the less you add the more chocolatey they will be, so this stage is all about personally preference :)

That is your chocolate krispies done! Divide them out between your cake cases and then add your mini eggs. We used some galaxy golden eggs to which are delicious and yes I did eat half the packet whilst we made these ... not sorry !

We added an extra touch with a few sprinkles and popped them in the fridge for half hour to set. Honestly these went down a treat after dinner and they are such an easy and cheap sweet treat for the kids.

Let me know if you love chocolately krispies as much as we do- especially the bowl and spoon licking afterwards :)

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