Monday 12 March 2018


Changing bags are great- they hold everything ,literally everything! If you could see mine , you’d think I was leaving home! Or I had packed for a zombie apocalypse - yes I watch to much walking dead :) .

When it comes to a quick nappy change, I hate lugging the whole bag in to the changing rooms with me, I end up getting the whole contents out to find what I need. Even though there are little compartments for everything to have its own place, let’s be honest , nothing ever stays in nice or neatly!

I end up sticking a nappy, wipes and my hand sanitiser in a nappy bag as that is all I need . I came across a nappy wallet brand called Niamh’s Neverland On Etsy and was lucky enough to review a wallet of my choice.

I chose the rainbow design and was eager to receive it through the post. It arrived and I wasn’t in but the package fits perfectly through the letterbox which is a bonus!. I opened it up and fell in love with it . The design is gorgeous and even more vibrant and colourful than the pictures on the Etsy shop site.

The wallets vary in design and  price. Some have a nappy and wipes section as well as little pockets for extras- like hand sanitiser or tissues. There is also a dummy attachment which I love! As we have probably lost 6 dummies in the last 2 months! So at least I know there is an emergency one attached to my wallet.

These are also perfect for toddlers when you no longer want to lug a big changing bag about , it fits nicely in my hand bag for them little trips to nannies for a cuppa. I absoulately love my wallet and would be lost without it now :)

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