Wednesday 21 March 2018


Happy Ostara!

It was Ostara for us yesterday- Spring Equinox . We are pagans and this is one of the eight holidays we celebrate in the year. Equinox means equal night and at this time of year in the UK it is where day and night last the equal about of time - roll on lighter mornings again :)

We celebrate every year with the girls Ostara baskets and it was lovely this year as it was Nila’s first ostara so she was going to get a little basket. Every year I fill them differently but of course they include some chocolate eggs !

I found some cute little spring hairbo sweets and of course a chocolate bunny for the older girls . They always have a new book in their baskets and all my girls are book lovers - they definitely take after mummy, which I absolutely love!

Alessia got gangsta granny which she has been asking for , she was over the moon! ‘This is the best Ostara ever’ she said , which was super sweet :) . I ordered Kadiann one of the best sellers on Amazon and she has already stated reading it - a ten thriller is always a hit with her .

Nila loves her books , and has a little collection of the usbourne books that I keep adding to . She got that’s not my bunny in her basket and loves it . She also enjoyed her milk buttons , they went down a right treat! I must admit I am also a sucker for white chocolate! She only had a few , but Ostara wouldn’t be Ostara without some chocolate for everybody.

Ostara also celebrates rebirth. As the season changes the plants and crops regrow - so we plant in the garden every Ostara to symbolise this . Our garden looks like a dumping ground unfortunately! But we have a plant that we will repot once we have all got our hands dirty out there and give the garden a new lease of life :)

Are you ready for Spring?

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