Friday 23 March 2018


One thing we love in this house is board games. We have tons of them accumulating on top of the fridge, almost like our own Jenga!. We love adding to our collection and are always up for checking out the latest games about.

Yeti in my Spaghetti by Universal Games  has become a firm favourite over the past couple of weeks with the girls , especially Alessia. I actually picked it up when I went to Blogon last year and I fished it out amongst the monstrosity of games we have :)

It is super simple to play and the kids won’t get bored and fed up - winner!. The aim of the game is to get as many spaghetti pieces as you can and don’t knock the yeti in the bowl .

How hard can it be?....

It is so easy to set up, comes with a bowl, the spaghetti pieces and the little yeti to place on top of the bowl of spaghetti and that is literally the game set up.Its a quick 10 minute game after dinner or whilst dinner is cooking. It gets the girls playing together , which is always a plus and it really is a whole family game.

It definately brings on mixed reactions from us all- definately lots of laughter and frustration from the  younger ones, and we are a competitive bunch so when we get this game out it usually means war! :)

We have really enjoyed yeti in my spaghetti and with the age recommendation a 4* the children are easily able to get it out and set it up and play without an adult.

Have you had a go at yeti in my spaghetti? Let me know if it’s a big hit in your house :)

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