Monday 26 March 2018


We had a pretty hectic weekend and Sunday are my work days so we never have time to do much but the girls wanted to bake - I say the girls , Alessia wanted to bake and Kadiann wanted to eat the makings! Typical teen :)

We were having chicken pie so I thought we could use the left overs of the pastry to make some jam tarts. I probably sound like a broken record but when it comes to baking in our house with the girls, I keep it simple and easy, no waiting around or 20 minute long whisking - simple, easy and fun!

All you need for these jam tarts are some ready rolled shortcrust pastry and some jam- that’s it! Literally that is it.

We used a plastic cup that was more or less the same size as our shallow Yorkshire pudding tray to cut out the tarts . Spray a little fry light on the tray before popping your tart circles on and then scoop the jam into them.

The jam does get super duper hot and bubbly so don’t over fill them ! And try and save some jam for the tarts and not just eat the jam with the spoon ...Alessia :)

I would say just over half a teaspoon is plenty. Bung them in the oven for 20 minutes and that is pudding sorted for after dinner .

The children are happy and you’ve managed to get some baking done on a Work day, win win in my eyes !

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