Wednesday 28 March 2018


Today has been glorious! . Spring is definitely here . The sun has been out , the birds are singing, this is the life!. My mood has been somewhat of crap lately if I’m honest.

I suffer with SAD which is seasonal affective disorder , and having the longest winter in the entire world! , well it felt like that, I just seem to have got into a rut of not wanting to do anything because of the weather and making excuses to not go out.

Anyhoo! - I decided to put my big girl pants on today and take the girls to the park after school. I always dread the park after school as you never know how many kids are going to be there and how long your child has to wait for a swing- we’ve all been there right? - but we were literally the only ones in there which was great.

I love that Nila is that little bit older now to join in and she absoulately loves the swings. She has been teething terribly over the last month and has four teeth already at 8 Months Old , poor sod! , so it was lovely to hear her full of giggles for a change .

After a few arguments with the older two , which happens almost every day :), they actually got on! .  We didn’t get home til 5pm so had 2 hours out in the fresh air and honestly it done me the world of good.

We got back and Nila was flat out . I started on dinner whilst the girls showered and got ready for bed . Dinner was incredible, my tandoori chicken turned out amazing! I am on slimming world and I don't want to get bored of my meals so I thought I would give homemade tandoori a try and it tasted just like a takeaway .

It was a hit wth the girls too, although Alessia thought it was a little spicy , but empty plates all round. Today was a good day, bring on some more sunshine .

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