Nila is now 9 Months Old and Scott and I made the decision that we would wait until
We took her abroad until she was a little bit older - for me , taking her abroad so young brings my anxiety out. I don’t actually know what part of travelling abroad with Nila triggers my anxiety , but I know I just couldn’t do. So we’ve decided we are going to have an amazing 2 weeks abroad next year when there is no sterilising or making bottles to worry about :)

We decided to make the most of the UK this year with the girls and get is all a Merlin annual pass . We are really excited about exploring the UK and trying to visit as many merlin attractions as possible! We are up for a challenge and are super excited.

Knowing you have a year pass all paid for is fantastic!. It was a big chunk out of our budget for the month but now it is all paid for , we don’t have to worry about affording day trips or weekends away as we have the fun all covered :) .

We have been in Great Yarmouth this week visiting my parents , the weather has been terrible but we have made the most of it . Our first Merlin pit stop was today at the Sea life centre . Nila is obsessed with fish! - especially Dory :) , so I knew she would be in her element! .

We brought some fish food and the girls fed the fish. We saw the penguins , which were quite happy to take selfies with Kadiann! . Alessia was a little nervous to hold the crab but they listened to the talk and found out some really cool facts . We walked around twice , saw the sharks , had lunch . Alessia played in the soft play and they chose something from the gift shop.

We have had a lovely day and cant wait for our next Merlin adventure :)


  1. Oh we have been thinking about getting a merlin pass but its such a huge pay out for the six of us! I think it's worth it when you add up how much you would spend otherwise!

    1. A work colleague added up last years trips. With their annual passes they saved £2,000! Madness isn’t it! X

  2. It is a lot easier to travel once all the paraphernalia of bottles and sterilising has gone!The merlin passes sound so fantastic and you will have a lot of fun with them

  3. I am the same and didn't want to travel abroad when mine were little. Now my youngest is 3 we are going abroad as I don't have to worry about bottles, nappies or a child sitting on me knee the whole flight. I bet you have lots of fun visiting lots of places in the UK xx

  4. If we were still in the UK I'd definitely consider a Merlin Pass. We visited SeaLife in London and loved it so know the passes would be handy for days out.

  5. I hear that having a Merlin Pass is incredible for families with kids, I need to look into one for my nephew

  6. We are big fans of Sea Life Centres and rely on our MAP to keep the kids entertained all year

  7. What a lovely year your going to have visiting all the merlin places. We love a amusement park so have fun at those this year!

  8. My son loved the sea life centre when we went to London a few years ago. We will definitely have to take him back now he is a little older.


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