Wednesday 18 April 2018


I woke up this morning to the sun beaming through the curtains. This is Rare - I know since the clocks went forward we have had lighter mornings but this morning was glorious. No alarm or buba waking for a bottle as my wake up call today , it was the sun.

If you have followed me for a while , you will know I suffer with my mental health, I also have S.A.D , and postnatal depression seems to be lingering and hanging on by a tiny thread, I wish it would just bugger off to be honest.

I decided i was not going to let the sun be wasted today so after the school run , I went back home, packed up a breakfast picnic and headed to the fields with Nila- toys and blankets in tow.

We parked up and set up breakfast. This is the first time Nila’s been in contact with grass and she didn’t know what to make of it , it was super cute . She kept touching it with one finger and then investigating her finger as if by magic something would appear :)

We played with toys and sang songs. We had the best morning . Before I knew it , we had been there almost 2 hours.  And I felt great!.

I really need today. It’s surprising what the sun can do for your mood and well being . This morning has given me that bit of regenerizing that I needed . I don’t like feeling low , and sometimes it is hard to get back up - especially with everything else a parent has to attend to , but this morning has definately done  the trick.

I hope the sun holds out and we begin to have more days like this . I am hoping for a glorious summer, whether we have one or not is a different matter , we can all wish can’t we :)

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