Friday 4 May 2018


So this months game from the blogger board game club is Cortex. Now when i first initially looked at the instructions, i thought it was going to be super hard to play.It is a brain game, so i was expecting a little bit of a headache, these kind of games always do that to you don't they :) but that was not the case.

The aim if the game in a nutshell is to win enough brain pieces to complete your brain jigsaw.
 To win a piece you must complete the challenge on the card that you pick.

The challenges vary, depending on the card. You have sensory cards, that you feel to try and guess the correct picture, a robotic card which has one malfunctioned robot you have to try and pick out- all very simple and easy to complete, no headaches here :)

The game is for ages 8 and over and can be played with 2 or more players. Lasting roughly 15 minutes. It is a good one if you have 15 minutes to kill, but we honestly didn't rate this game that much. For an 8+ game, we were expecting something a little bit more challenging, it was super easy and we completed the challenges within seconds. Alessia is 8 and she got very bored of this game, so this months game we rate it as 4/10.

- We were sent this game as part of the Asmodee bloggers board game club as part of a review.All opinions are honest and our own

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