Wednesday 2 May 2018


We can finally let you in on our secret that we have been keeping from you for weeks! We have been chosen to become turtle tots ambassadors!! We have had to keep quiet until the big announcement on 1st May and I have honestly been so eager to tell everyone, I’m rubbish with secrets :)

We have been chosen along with 5 other parenting bloggers to become ambassadors and I am so excited to share our journey with you all over the next few months . Our first session starts on Friday 18th May and I am super excited!

When I first saw that turtle tots was on the hunt for ambassadors I actually scrolled past it , I always think why bother entering as there are so many other better bloggers than me . That’s the thing isn’t it? You always compare your blog , your stats , everything when it comes to blogging to others , or I do anyway.

So I initially scrolled past it and the next day it cropped up again and I thought I’m going to enter it.I entered and honestly never thought anything off it . I got an email about a month later asking where  in Staffordshire I lived as the closet turtle tots was a little far , it is a train ride for me as I don’t drive. I replied and left it at that.

When I got the following email it had said they were delighted to let me know I had been chosen, I couldn’t believe it . I honestly never thought in a million years I would of been selected and chosen amongst numbers of bloggers.

Nila is 10 months and she is definitely a water baby. She loves the water , she cries when bath time is over , she loves splashing and playing to the point of being wrinkled and way past the time to get out . We took her swimming for the first time in November when we were at Bluestone and she was in her element . I had never seen her so excited.We bought her a baby ring and sat her in it and she was having the best time!. She cried when we got out and at only 4 Months Old , she had already had a love for water .

My eldest daughter Kadiann learnt to swim on holiday in Turkey and Alessia is learning at school and i just know Nila is going to absolutely love being a part of the turtle tots family . I am a little nervous teaching a baby to swim but I know we are in safe hands and I will be documenting our journey and sharing it all with you.

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