Monday 30 April 2018


Oh my Nila bug, you are 2 Months off being a one year old. How ha this happened so fast?. I feel like I have blinked and you are now a little lady!. You are such a little character and super sassy- just like your sisters :)

You are a very strong minded little thing and you let us know when your not impressed and we are doing your head in , especially when your sisters get in front of the Tv whilst your watching Peppa pig :) or if we take something off of you that you shouldn’t have , world war 3 erupts and you pull the most funniest faces and frown at us .

I thought we had got rid of Peppa pig after Alessia had been completely obsessed with her, but no, you have followed in her foot steps and love people!. You smile and giggle whilst watching her . We have saved all of Alessia's Peppa pig playhouses and garden sets , so you are going to be in your element when your a little bit older .

You are now on the move - finally. I did worry that you wasn’t interested in crawling , but you have decided that you much prefer bum shuffling and army crawling backwards. It seems to suit you fine and you are loving it .

Your a big fan of toe sucking . Your feet are in your mouth at every opportunity , socks on or off they are in your mouth. You much prefer them off so you can get your big toe in there but you really are not that fussed.

You love standing holding my hands and are a bit of a dare devil and try and let go . You love row row row your boat and five little speckle frogs . Round and round the garden has you giggling before I have even got to the ‘tickle under there’ as you know what’s coming .

You give me your fingers when I get the nail clippers out . Your such a clever clogs and I am super proud of you . Your such a big girl and you are thriving and enjoying life . I wish you would slow down about . I want my Nila bug to stay a baby a little bit longer.

That’s the problem isn't it, when you work and have others things that take your time and day up. You seem to almost miss days and the days seem to flash by like weeks and before you know it your writing a post on how your little baby is nearly one!.

You are our last baby Nila so stop growing up so fast likely your sisters :)

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