Happy Bank Holiday Monday Everyone . I hope you are all ready for a lovely half term if you have children off of school. Friday was our  last swim lesson before the half term , so we have this week off. We are going to take the girls swimming in the holidays as a treat and also to make sure Nila doesn’t lose her confidence in the water as she is loving it so far!.

We headed in for our second lesson and once again Nila was full of smiles . We did our little warm ups and sang some of the songs. I felt a bit better this week as I had been practising singing them so I knew the words today :) .

Nila has come on so much in just a week and she really is going for it 100% . The babies pick a toy from their circle and we place it in front of them and they try and ‘swim’ to retrieve it , and honestly , she goes for it . She isn’t afraid of the water , at all , and I think that really is a bonus .

We did something different that I had been dreading. I think half of it is my anxiety, as I know she will be fine and some activities she won’t like , but it’s fine , she will have a cry and be ok at the end of it , but it’s still so nerve wracking for me!

Anyway - so Anne explained to me that she would hold Nila , I would put my head under the water and pop back up and say peek a boo, and if Nila put her arms out to me then Anne would let her go and I catch her . So she obviously went to come for me , she’s all about her mama! . Anne let go , she went under water and kicked as if to swim!. I grabbed her and praised her so much. I couldn’t believe how brave she was . No crying , nothing! Just smiles

She has become ever so friendly with the other babies ,holding their hand and giggling away. These lessons have been great for social side of growing and she is becoming super confident in her little self .


  1. Wow! I love posts like this. It's so great to see how much she is enjoying the swimming! Keep it up!

  2. Aww yay go Nila!! What an exciting milestone and very brave of you too :)

  3. Sounds like its a great confidence builder and its so nice seeing how sociable she's becoming due to swimming x

  4. We have taken our older 2 to an intensive swimming course and hope to go again this summer but haven't got round to sorting out anything for Zach yet. I love Nila's confidence in the water!

  5. I used to love watching Sebby underwater - it is amazing what babies can do

  6. Awww that's really lovely, hope she continues to enjoy it on your holidays too


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