Friday 25 May 2018


Next game we are testing out is ticket to ride . Ticket to ride is a railway themed German style board game. It looks very old fashioned but I really like that about the board . We got the instructions out and started setting up the board.

Honestly, the instructions are not the best. They don’t explain the game very well st all , and it took us almost half an hour to actually understand and figure out how to play the game , which was very frustrating for Alessia.

We eventually got there in the end and managed to figure out the aim. So the aim of the game is to complete your destinations and collect the most points.

You are given three destination cards and 4 travel cards , which help you move around the board , providing you have the right coloured card to move on to the same coloured train . The grey coloured trains are a free for all, so you can use any colours from your travel cards to move along these trains.

It does sound confusing , but it is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it .On your turn, you can either try and complete one of your destinations, pick up travel cards if you need some or you can pick up from the 5 travel cards that are laid out at the beginning of the game .

The game as a whole me and a Scott enjoyed. It can take anything from an hour plus, depending on how many people play . It is aimed at 8*, but we both agreed that it is definately not a children’s game and more of an adults game as both the girls got extremely bored and stopped playing half way through .

The girls gave this game a 2/10. Scott and I have it a 6/10. If you are into travelling and have travelled quite a bit then you would probably enjoy this game , and it is definately played better when there is more of you :)

-We were sent this game as part of the asmodee bloggers board club

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