Wednesday 23 May 2018


We all have a favourite game don’t we?. If we are on holiday in the arcades or we are having a games night at home with friends . There is always a favourite . Mine is car racing . I have loved racing games from as young as I can remember . Playing them in the arcades when we were on holiday as children and then slightly obsessing over need for speed on the PlayStation in my teens , honestly , it’s like my guilty pleasure.

Alessia has taken after me and she loves them too!. The first thing she asks to go on when we travel to nanny and grandads is to go on the car rides in the amusement park,  We are somewhat obsessed !.

I have got to say my favourite part about car games is the races. I must admit , I’m not the best at them as I really don’t know what I am doing when it comes to all the fancy ways of turning and moving the vehicles  , I just go for it and hope for the best.

I have recently discovered drafting, known as slipstreaming, has an actual technique to it , it isn’t just something you play in a racing game . So what is a slipstream? .it is essentially when a vehicle takes advantage of the space behind another vehicle where there are decreased wind and air resistance. It isn’t only important in formula 1 racing and motor sports.

Cycling , swimming , running , speed skating and even downhill skateboarding are all actually slipstream sports, which I honestly didn’t know!

So what  about in day to day driving?

I am currently learning to drive and will hopefully pass my test by the end of the summer, fingers crossed!, so I am extrigued to know if slipstreaming is something I will need or use in daily driving. In the real world, making use of the car in fronts slipstream isn’t about overtaking  and being dangerous, but drafting can have a big impact on your vehicles fuel consumption.

You can also book and experience to test out some cool drafting moves if your a bit of a car geek like myself :) . Track days also has some really interesting information and facts on slipstream if you fancy a read .

I’d love to know about your car experiences and if you’ve ever tried out drafting before

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