Monday 21 May 2018


Yesterday I booked the day off work as we were kindly invited to attend Birmingham to watch the Dinosaur world live show with the girls. We had been looking forward to this for a few weeks now and honestly, we are a family that love dinosaurs!. I think we have probably watched all the Jurassic Park movies over a hundred times! :)

We arrived with enough time for the usual toilet trip and snack stop and headed for our seats. The show is hosted by Miranda who lets you in on her world of Dinosaurs with some really cool facts and   Exciting tales.

As she takes you on a story of some of the different dinosaurs she lives with on her island, you get a real sense of belief from her . She encourages the audience to participate and we felt like we was actually part of the show.

The show is aimed at children aged 3+. We did take Nila who is 10 Months , and she really enjoyed it. All the different and sounds and lights really caught her eye, they did have some scary bits that upset her but even Alessia was a little scared and she’s 9! :)

The dinosaurs are controlled by humans , which honestly, we barely noticed . The dinosaurs are incredible, so life like and so detailed. The people that were controlling them also mimicked their sounds and noises , which were absolutely spot on and they did such a good job, even our 14 year  old was impressed, and that takes a lot ! :)

We also kept an eye on a dinosaur egg throughout the show, which eventually hatched and got to see it’s Mum- which was so sweet and the whole audience was mesmerised by the movement of it .

Our favourite part of the show was the end where the T-Rex came out . The girls thought it was incredible and it was definately a brilliant end to a fantastic show !

We got to meet the dinosaurs at the end of the show- although we struggled meeting some as it was s busy , but the got to stroke the  baby T Rex And we met the baby Rhino, which is the most cutest thing I have ever seen .

We have had such a lovely time reviewing the Dinousaur world live show and would 100% recommend it for a family day out . The tickets are really affordable too and there was so much cool merchandise to purchase of your favourite dinosaur .

Thanks for having us Dinosaur world Live :)

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