Friday 18 May 2018


This afternoon we had our first baby swimming lesson with turtle tots. If you haven’t read our latest post about us becoming Turtle Tots brand ambassadors then you can click HERE for a read - plus we have a fab giveaway running to win £50 worth of turtle tots goodies :)

Anyway back to today !. I have got to be honest and admit that I was really nervous about today. Nila is teething and is currently cutting four teeth in one go! . Talk about hit the poor kid hard, she has been struggling with them and hasn’t been her usual cheeky self, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Scott took the afternoon off to drive us there as it is about an hours drive away , plus we had our own little photographer , which was very handy!. We got to the centre and met Anne, who is so lovely . We were given our goodies and headed to the changing room.

I was greeted after a while by all the other mums getting their little ones changed and everyone was so lovely and welcoming, it really put me at ease and made me feel very welcomed.

We got in the pool and straight away Nila had smiles for everybody. It was the cutest thing. Anne told us to kind of follow her lead and wasn’t going to chuck Nila in the deep end , not literally!, but because she has not had any experience with baby swimming , the best thing to do is get her use to the water , and she loved it.

We sang songs and played with little fish and turtles , practising kicking our feet to get the fishy, honestly Nila wasn’t fazed or nervous one tiny bit, I really was surprised. We practiced blowing bubbles with the water, obviously Nila was more interested in drinking the water, but 10/10 for effort :).

She loved all the other little babies and was in her absoulately element . We have really enjoyed our first lesson and looking forward to the next

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