Wednesday 16 May 2018


When you book a holiday abroad . The excitement finally kicks in doesn’t it. You have the confirmation letter and you are just counting day the days to sun and sea and hopefully a nice tan!. Something I struggle to get, even from a week in Turkey! I am just one of the unlucky ones :)

With having children I tend to write a list of everything we need , all the essentials and the important stuff and then the little odd things like toys and books. As I go along packing everything I tick them off my list until we are all packed and ready to roll.

I am quite a worrier when it comes to travelling abroad, especially when you are taking children so I like to be super organised and know that if there ever was an emergency or a scenario that had crept up on us that we wasn’t planning for , we have all bases covered.

I put together my top 5 tips when travelling abroad. It might be your first time travelling to a different country and your a little clueless, I definately was when I first travelled, or you just want some handy tips to take along with you on your journey.

Now this might seem an obvious tip , but honestly, I know so many people that leave packing literally until the night before and the rush of it all will end up in you leaving something you desperately need. It has happened many times , and will usually end up in you having to buy them whilst your on holiday,. We once left our universal charger and had to buy one , and I can tell you, it wasn’t cheap! .

Going all inclusive is honestly the best and cheaper option . You will not have to worry about the price of dinner for the next evening or how many cocktails you have bought at lunch :) . Going all inclusive , especially with children is an absolute money saver and you know whilst on holiday you and the children have unlimited access to  ice cream and cold beers :)

This one is so important and should really be at the top of your list!. If you do have any medical issues then you want to make sure you are covered whilst on holiday. Medical travel Cover over 1000 medical conditions, from asthma to heart conditions , they have insurance that will suit all travellers, and if there isn’t , they are on hand to provide you with alternative cover or even customise  your need to get you the best cover for your holiday.

If you are a fan of the water like us then invest in a waterproof camera .We have a go pro and it has served us well for over 4 years now . The children are let loose with it and you know that it is protected from any water damage and can be taken anywhere with you. The go pros are quite small aswell compared to other cameras so can fit into your bum bag and you can also get extra attachments so you wear it whilst on the water rides, which the kids love! .

Lastly Is duty free. This one for me is a must! :) . Remember the duty free on the way home . We ran out of spending money and didn’t budget for duty free and when we landed back home I was absolutely gutted as I had forgotten about duty free and had a few things I was desperately wanting to get. So if you are a duty free lover then don’t forget to stick it in your spending budget!

I hope you have enjoyed my top tips and hopefully they will help you when you plan on travelling next time or if it is your first time travelling , I hope you have an awesome time!

- Collaborative Post

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