I am sure we can all agree that there has been a time in your life where you have needed a helping hand. Being an adult is hard work sometimes , especially a parent . We have three beautiful girls and although we love them to pieces , life can get expensive.

Scott works full time and I have recently gone back to work only one day a week due to baby Nila ,so our finances aren’t as good as they were. I thought I would share with you 6 tips for when you need a helping hand.These tips have worked really well for us and They might help you too.

Now this one is obvious isn’t it. I think everyone I know has tried to save money, and sometimes it is hard, especially if you have a lot of outgoings from your household income. We try and put a side a couple of pounds every week in our Lloyds savings account . We don’t always manage , but it has come to use for when we have needed something doing on the car , or when the phone bill has been a little but higher than expected . A couple of pounds a week is easier to do, and you don’t really notice it.

I love a good charity shop hunt. My mum and I use to love taking an afternoon out to go charity shop hunting. I love a good bargain and we have found some gorgeous pieces of clothing for the children , and also some really good items for the house . Books in the charity shop are as little as 20p and I can remember going into Sainsbury’s and wanting a new book out which was £7.99, a fortnight later I found it in the charity shop for 75p! :)

We have a treat cupboard that saves us so much money. If you have children , you will know that they are like bottomless pits when it comes to food and goodies. We have a treat cupboard that they can pick a treat from if they have been good.We buy a big bulk of goodies from poundshop.com, which saves pennies. We also use it for after school treats , so we manage to miss the expensive trip to the sweet shop on the way home .

If you are lucky enough to have close family and friends to help you out in a financial need then that is amazing . Never be ashamed to ask for help . We all need it from time to time , and as long as you pay them back , you will still have that support network there .

If you are like us and unfortunately don’t have any family or friends to help out if there is a crisis and your emergency savings has already been used and you haven’t managed to top it up enough yet, then  a quick short loan could help out massively . Cash Lady are a well established and reputable short term loan lender. They have tons of information on their website , and want to ensure their customers know all the information about committing to a loan before they go ahead. Which I know makes me feel confident about a company that puts their customers first .

Take advantage of any discount codes you can find or savings on birthday presents or anything that is coming up that you need to purchase.Deals queen have some many discount vouchers you could use to save you some extra pennies.

Have you got any top tips for when money is tight or any super saving hacks? I’d love to hear them :)

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