Monday 4 June 2018


We had been trying to plan a day in Blackpool for the whole half term and the weather has not been on our side Unfortunately . When I checked the weekends forecast it was promising so we decided to take a day trip to Blackpool on Saturday. I work on Sundays so Saturday was our last chance before back to school .

We were going all out , so we didn’t pack a picnic as we were going to indulge in a day of sweets and goodies and eat dinner out , the girls were super excited. It takes about 2 hours or just under to get to Blackpool , so not to far , and the girls end up falling asleep anyway, I think all kiddies fall asleep in the car :)

We got there and it was a little chilly but no rain, so that was fine by us. We bought our Merlin passes with us , so started with the sea life centre first. Nila is obsessed with fish and anything sea life so we knew she would love it , as she did when we went to the Great Yarmouth sea life centre in April . Plus I knew she would fall asleep after that, and she did :)

It was a little different to the Yarmouth one , they had a really cool turtle station, where you name your turtle and get to weigh it and feed it and give it some water to hydrate it . Alessia absolutely loved it and wanted to take one home and Nila enjoyed trying to eat it!

We stopped off at The pound bakery for a quick lunch break . We had cheese and onion pasties and carrot cake , my favourite!!! .

We walked down to Madame Tussaud’s next, which none of us have ever been to . It was brilliant . They have so much there . Our favourite had to be the marvel area. The hulk looked incredible , pun intended :) . Nila loved sooty and Alessia loved sitting on the ET bike. I can’t believe we haven’t actually watched ET with Alessia yet, so we have made a plan to watch it on movie night this weekend.

Kadiann loved meeting Paddy McGuiness as we are big fans of take me out .She also got to attempt a bush tucker trial :). She was also impressed with Arianna grande but was a little gutted not to see Zoella.

We went to captains sparrows for dinner , which was delicious! . We were stuffed afterwards and headed back to the car. We had a lovely day and the girls were absolutely knackered when we got in.Quick showers and straight to bed for us all it was . :)

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