Friday 15 June 2018


If you know our little munchkin Nila, then you will know how much she loves her toes.she has a thing about her feet, and has them in her mouth at every opportunity!

This makes shoes and socks difficult. The sooner you’ve put a pair of socks on, the quicker she’s taken them off and has her big toe in her mouth, so attractive right? :)  she has a few pairs of shoes , but they all end up on the floor or with someone up town passing one to me as she’s manage dto take it off right under my nose , cheeky devil.

I came across a brand called Sock Ons and noticed they did a design called Mocc Ons - clever Little slipper socks that keep feet warm. I was intrigued by these and Scott and I said that they wouldn’t last 5 minutes on Nila’s feet , but we were definately going to give them a go.

They do a variety of designs ,16 in total, from trainer looking ones to ballet shoe design. Super cute, we opted for the floral ones, I am a bit of a floral junkie so these were definitely up my street.They start from 6 months and go all the way up 3 years old, which I really liked the idea of.

Now we had got them through the post , it was like a sock off between Nila and the Mocc ons, I put them on, she did try to take them off at first, and also tried to eat them , but that was it. 5 minutes of fussing and then she was off crawling away. She loves them! .

She has been wearing them almost every day. They are super handy to stick in your changing bag as well if it is a warm day and baby doesn’t want anything on their feet , but then it gets cool , you can just whack them on.

If you are an avid follower of mine then you will also know that I love babywearing and we have babywore with Nila pretty much since birth. Mocc Ons are ideal for baby wearing , they keep babies feet and legs ,as they come up just under the knee, nice and warm
Whilst in the carrier .

Overall we are super happy with the Mocc Ons and will definately be ordering some more . I have my eye on the rainbow pair next :)

- These were sent to us in exchange for an honest review

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