Wednesday 13 June 2018


If you are a regular reader then you will know I have two jobs, well more than that if you count cooking, cleaning, running around after the children, and being an all round maid , as I call it in our house :).

I work as a community carer , which I absolutely love, but since Nila has been born, I have had to drop my hours , and this is when I decided to become self employed and work during the week at home.Childcare is so expensive, and I didn’t want to be a stay at home Mum, even though there is nothing wrong with that, I just wanted more, and that is when I took the plunge and became self employed.

Being self employed has its pros and cons. Being able to work in the comfort of your own home and see to your children is amazing. The fact you can complete a piece of work at 2am if you need to is definately a bonus for me . Having a baby is hard work so you will find me most evenings catching up on Work when she is asleep.

I wanted to share a few of my working from home essential tips. Without these I reckon I’d flop at the first hurdle and so far , touch wood! :), I am definitely winning at this self employed mama life :)

Be Prepared 
This probably seems really obvious , but there have been plenty of times where I have forgot to charge my camera battery and then have had to wait most of the morning when I could have been working on photos . It is easily done , so I make sure I charge all equipment I need for the night before so we are working of full batteries :)

Use Your Phone
This for me has been a godsend. Nila has her morning nap on me , and a lot of people have said that it must be a pain , but I love it and I am in no rush to change it just yet. I still use this time to work. Over the last month , I have started working on my phone whilst she is asleep , and then I will only need to add photos or give the article a once over, and all whilst snuggling with my little munchkin.

Take Breaks
I think people that work from home don’t feel the need to have a ‘break’ . I know my breaks before have been to make a quick cup of tea. Take time away from what you are doing. Take your cup of tea into the garden whilst we are having this gorgeous weather. Catch up on the latest episode of eastenders. We all need a break, whether we work from home or not .

Get Organised
I am one of these people that need to write things down with a pen and paper. I have a planner and will schedule in any paid content that has a deadline , then cross them out in highlighter once completed. Different colour highlighters for different tasks and work pieces. Since doing this , my work schedule has been so much more organised. Office stationary do a wide variety of equipment and accessories that are super affordable and would definitely get you organised.

Do you work from home? Or have any work from home tips that make life easier :) I’d love to hear them 

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