Monday 11 June 2018


i don’t know about you but my phone memory is completely full of photos. Having three children, I want to capture as much as I possibly can , and I do this with photographs . Their first taste of a strawberry, cuddles with their sister or smiles for mummy in the bath , I automatically get my phone or camera and snap away, But tend to forget about them afterwards.

That’s the thing now isn’t it? . When I was in my teens , you would buy a disposable camera, use up the film and then get it developed . My parents have suitcases of old childhood photos, and we love getting them out. We can spend hours looking at the perfectly imperfect photos. They are our memories.

Now technology is so much more advanced and once a photo is taken we seem to forget them, I know I do. I can actually remember the last time I got some photos developed . It was when Alessia was a 7 Months old and we took her swimming for the first time . That was 8 years ago. It’s quite shocking actually to think I have over 8 years worth of memories hidden away on my phone and camera storage .

I have been meaning to get a photo of all three girls for a few months now. Nila is now 11 Months Old And I wanted a photo of  them together for our living room. I had seen a few of my friends get their photos printed on an actual canvas  and thought they looked really lovely.

 CanvasChamp do a wide variety of designs on their website. It is really simple to use . Once you are on the home page , you can choose from a selection of products - split canvas or a hexagon print, there is something that will catch everyone’s eye :) .

You are then given the option to upload the photo of your choice . I chose a phoot of the girls on holiday in Great Yarmouth . This was baby Nila’s first holiday and she was only 4 weeks old. You also have the option of selecting a photo from canvas champ. They have some lovely photos ranging from mountains to gorgeous sunsets .

You then choose the size of your canvas , along with the added extra features like the hardware and boarder and any hanging essentials you will need to display your memories on your wall.

It is such an easy and hassle free process and honestly , we love our print. It puts a smile on my face every time I come into the living room. Remember memories and actually being able to see them every day is magical.

These canvas’s would make The perfect gift for any occasion. Maybe a picture of your children for father’s day for Dad , or a picture of the first time you met for your annerversary.   Memories are endless aren’t they :)

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