Friday 8 June 2018


If you have followed me for a while then you will know before Nila came along , the girls and I regularly had movie nights and would sit down almost every night after dinner to watch another episode of the latest season that we had chosen for that month.Those days, unfortunately have become far and few between. It’s always the case isn’t it when a new little addition comes along. Before you know it the TV has been invaded by numerous episodes of Peppa pig and Ben and holly!.

So we have decided to make a Watch list for every month. The purpose isn’t to try and finish every single thing on there ,as some will be a series and not just movies, but to at least get our movie nights back on track, as we have so much to catch up on and some new things that we have seen advertised and are eager to watch!. 

If you have a Smart TV Panasonic then you will  have the luxury of being able to use all the cool features , including Netflix, which is a godsend for us!, and hi definition is definitely needed for the perfect movie night!.So for June we have 5 on our watch list l, with number one being the upmost important one of all! :)

We have been watching once upon a time on Netflix for, I would probably say 2 years. We are only half way trough the series as I believe it is still being made, or it was up until last year, but since having Nila , it has come to a complete stand still. We did try and re start watching it when she was a newborn but it was a no go , and Alessia absolutely loves this series so we will definitely be kick starting this one up :)

Every since we saw coco advertised at the cinema , we have wanted to watch it . We are very spiritual and this movie is definately up our street. I do know it is being played in some cinemas in the kids morning club , so perhaps we might have a little weekend treat and leave Nila with daddy and have a little quality time , with plenty of popcorn of course!

We are a household that loves dinosaurs. We saw the last Jurassic movie last year in cinema as a family and the girls loved it . It was brilliant and very ‘on the edge of your seat’ kinda film. Alessia was scared at one point , as we bought the 3D tickets so it was all ever so life like. We will definitely be going to see this as a family, hopefully we can get a sitter to watch baby Nila, fingers crossed .

This one is for mummy. Once I had Nila , I wanted something to watch on the night feeds, or if I couldn’t get to sleep once she settled. All you parents know what I mean, when you are so tired but once the baby falls asleep, it’s like a switch turns on and nothing can get you nodding back off. I started call the midwife and have been hooked. I had finished season 5 and then stopped as Mum life doesn’t make room for much time to sit and watch shows on your own :),  but I have made a promise to myself I am going to start it up again and give me some ‘me time’ , with a nice cup of tea .

This series has been on Netflix for a while now , and we have even put it on for 5 minutes and then turned it off. You know when you start something and think it’s going to be rubbish. I have heard such good things about the series and we love the film so we are going to try and give it another go this month and I will let you know what we think.

That’s our watch list for June . I’d love to know if you have a watch list , or if your looking forward to watching anything this month :)

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