Friday 20 July 2018


The summer holidays are in full swing here and I know now is the time everyone will be off on their summer holidays. We were hoping to take the girls to Turkey this summer but I’m still not quite ready to take baby Nila abroad.

Having said that, I am still super prepared for next year and with an extra kiddie in tow I plan to be holiday ready way in advance. Not only does it save the stress but you know for sure you are not going to forget anything , especially the passports!.

I go by three things when I get holiday ready, and I swear by them, it will make checking in and the journey a little less hassle free also if your travelling with children it makes life so much easier.

Plastic wallet-  keep all your documents that you will need for the journey in a plastic wallet and label the sections. My mother in law did this for us when we went away for my 30th and we have done it ever since . By sectioning them in order you will need them is the most quickest and easiest way to get checked in and you know where your at :)

Travel Insurance - Make sure your travel insurance is already booked and you are good to go.I know so many people that don’t take out travel insurance because it saves them a few pennies , but you never know what is going to happen on holiday.

We went on a cheap getaway a few years ago, no travel insurance and Scott got food poisoning , it ended up an expensive holiday so if you still need to get some then  Bupa global will help you find the best insurance for your travels, whether you need business or individual, you will be advised on the best suited insurance for your summer holiday this year :)

Snacks! - if you are travelling with kids then this is an absolute must . You are ready to start your journey and the dreaded ‘I’m hungry’ starts , you’ve probably not even moved yet . Food can be so expensive on any transport you are taking so snacks are a definite must and will keep them hungry monsters happy until you get there , fingers crossed!

I hope you are feeling holiday ready now and I hope you have a lovely summer holiday and I’d love to hear all about it :)

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