We have been on the hunt for a new car seat for Nila for a while . The one we have does the job but honestly , it doesn’t look the comfiest and she almost looks like she has outgrown it already.

We were lucky enough to get sent the Joie tilt car seat to review and it was one of the car seats that we had been looking at and liked the sound of. The seat grows with your child which is a bonus and it can also be used forward and rearward facing so we couldn’t wait to try it out .

On first impressions, straight away I noticed how padded and soft it was . It looked a very comfy seat and well padded . We followed the instructions to suit our car and secured it in, which was pretty straight forward and only took a couple of minutes.

I put Nila in it and she was smiling away. It’s quite funny as the old car seat she screamed her head off at but she was loving this one which was really cute .

There are some many features to this car seat like :

  • 5 point harness system
  • Rearward facing from birth up to 18kg
  • Forward facing from 9kg up to 18kg
  • Shoulder harness and lower buckle covers
  • Lower body removable support inserts 
  • 4 recline positions- 3 forward , 1 rear 

My favourite feature is the side impact protection. Finding out that 1 in 4 car accidents is a side collision makes me love this feature even more . The system instantly absorbs any forceful impact which therefore protects the head and neck from any serious trauma.

The Joie Tilt can be purchased from Kiddies Kingdom and it retails at £75.00 with free delivery.

Overall I am really impressed with the car seat. It does the job at hand and keeps Nila safe and secure in it which is most important and she also looks super duper comfy In it :)

- I was gifted this car seat in exchange for an honest review..


  1. This looks like a great seat. The fact it has 4 different positions available is a real plus point as I know the one my Sister is currently using only has 2 and she is forever cursing it!

  2. We have the Joie I-Anchor Advance car seat and I'd highly recommend the Joie car seats! They are so easy to use and after experiencing a very serious crash it luckily kept our daughter out of harms way :)

  3. Your Daughter looks very comfy in the Joie car seat. The recline positions would be a definate sale for me when shopping for a car seat - obviously safety first though!
    Mary from My Model Mummy x

  4. That does look like a really great car seat and the four different positions is a real plus point. Luckily mine are all out of car seats now but I remember how difficult it was to find a good seat.

  5. A good car seat is so important. It is good that it is one that will grow with her and can be used forwards and backwards. And what a result that she loved it so much.

  6. Sounds like a really good car seat and your daughter does look comfy. I think a seat that grows with your child is more economical on the purse. And side impact protection is also important

  7. That looks like a great car seat and your daughter looks super comfy in it

  8. What a cute car seat. I like the fact that it grows with the child.

  9. This car seat looks but well design, stylish but most importantly very safe! A good car seat is just so essential especially when travelling long distances with kids this summer

    Laura x

  10. so good that it is rear facing for up to 18 kg :) The longer, the better. Hope your cute baby enjoys it x


  11. £75 for a car seat is not too bad a price and this seems like a lovely one for sure

  12. Aww she looks really comfortable too which is half the battle i find!


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