Wednesday 4 July 2018


Yay it’s officially Summer and actually looks like it too!. The weather in the UK has been glorious over the past few weeks and I have been loving it .I must admit though, my wardrobe is not very summer friendly at the minute and definitely needs a make over.

I had a little browse online for some summer bits and I have come up with a summer wardrobe must haves that I have come across recently or just items that I think can spruce up my wardrobe this summer.

My first must have is definitely a dress. I am obsessed with dresses in the summer and tend to have a favourite . I’m only 5ft 3 so I can’t get away with maxi dresses as they are super long so I always go for midi length. 

I have found some beautiful midi dresses from Esprit. The jersey ones are my favourite as you can dress them down with some converses in the day and also dress them up for the evening with some black heeled sandals and a cute choker .

Shorts!. Now I’ll be honest, I actually only own one pair of shorts, and that’s only because of how hot it has been recently and I had to buy an emergency repair !. Before that I never owned any shorts and now I literally live in them!. The heat is literally killing me off, we’re not use to it being so hot are we? So shorts and a vest top are my quick and easy grab and go outfit for a beer garden lunch or an ice tea in the back yard :)

Sunglasses are my obsession in the summer . I want to tell you , you can’t have to many pairs , but I would be lying, I have tons!. I find when you shop for sunglasses , there are just so many to choose from. So many that will go with different outfits, and before you know it , your sunglasses collection is as big as your shoe collection, and trust me , my shoe collection is crazy! 

Summer scents put me in the best mood in the mornings, honestly. My all time favourite summer fragrance is Daisy by Marc Jacobs Alessia got me my first bottle for mothers day one year and I have been in love with it ever since .

Let me know your summer must haves and if you have any tips for my new summer wardrobe :) 

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