Monday 2 July 2018


With Summer now In full swing, I am always conscious of the girls staying hydrated and drinking enough water . The older two take their hydrate bottles to school and are able to re fill them throughout the day, so I know they are set for the school day.

When it comes to Nila, we have struggled with water intake, simple due to the fact that we were struggling to find the right cup to wean her onto. We have tried quite a few if I’m honest.

Some she will just bite, we have tried the free flow ones which she loves to tip out onto the high chair tray and have messy play. Not exactly what I was trying to achieve with that, but at least she had fun! :)

We ended up using just a regular bottle , until we found that Dr Browns had a 2 in 1 transitioning bottle. If you have followed us for a while and are regular readers then you will know we love the Dr Browns range , and have been using it since Nila was first born, and highly rate their products.

The transitioning cup is  a bottle but can be transformed into a babies first sippy bottle. with the transitioning kit. It has been designed to actually grow with your little one and converts into a sippy cup with the sippy spout when needed.

It retails at £8.99 , which I think is an absolute bargain as you are really getting two products for the price of one. A bottle for babies milk and also a sippy beaker for water at meal times !. It comes in the baby pink colour or the gorgeous sky blue and can be purchased on their website.

The first few attempts Nila did have a sip and as if wanted to say that the teat wasn’t  working properly :) we did have a few giggles at her confused face , but by the end of the day she had the hang of it and absolutely loves it .

Her water intake has increased massively because she enjoys using this cup, and has gotten used to using it . A little perseverance has come a long way and we have finally found the perfect sippy cup :)

Let me know what sippy cups your little ones love to use and also how many you tried out before you found the perfect one!

-We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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