Saturday 28 July 2018


How lovely is this weather we are having!. The sun has been shining here in UK for over a fortnight now and although I want to complain that it maybe a little to hot , I won’t! :) . Having three children of different ages , I thought I would share with you my changing bag essentials.

I am currently using the iswaddle aria changing bag. It is absoulately gorgeous. The rose gold detachable strap is so pretty and it is definately a changing bag that has caught a lot of attention when I am out . It can be worn on the shoulder or across the body and  if you’ve packed everything under the kitchen sink like I sometimes do, then you can use the integrated, universal stroller clips to attach it to the buggy :)

It has 10 compartments and is super spacious!. The material is water resistant and wipes clean very easy. It comes in three colours, the black that I have gone for , navy blue and cream. It retails  at £19.99, which I think is such a bargain and I have been loving using it .

So what are my current essentials that a mum of three needs in her changing bag ..

Wipes- an obvious for babies bum, but they get used for Kay’s make up when it’s smudged , Alessias chocolate mouth after a chocolate bar , the list is endless!.  I am currently using the aqua wipes by nature ninety nine. They are biodegradable and are made with 99% purified water.l and suitable from newborn.The wipes contain a mild coconut derived cleansing agent and soothing Organic Aloe Vera. We love them and they don’t aggravate any of the girls’ eczema which is brilliant.

Snacks!. I can’t go anywhere without snacks . All three of the kiddies love the fruit bowl range . They have such a variety to chose form and have something that all the girls like . Alessia and Kadiann  love the fruity bars and Nila loves the fruit flakes and the yoghurt coated flakes , although she does ‘share’ them with alessia sometimes :)

I always have a tube of sudacrem in my bag. I don’t like the original sudacrem but the lotion is my go to. It’s amazing for not only babies bum but also for crazed and cuts , which we end of getting almost every park play date !

Lastly is drinks. I have lost count how many times the older two tell me they are thirsty. I’m no Mr Scrooge but it can end up costing you a small fortune once you’ve brought a few drinks each for the girls. Nila uses her tommee  tippee  beaker but the older girls have been loving their bottles from Sigg . They have so many different designs and styles to choose from and they are super affordable .

They are my go to grab and pack essentials for the changing bag at the minute . Let me know what your essentials are and I’d love to know which changing bag you are currently loving.

- These items were sent in return for an honest review/feature on this article

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