Monday 30 July 2018


When I was younger I can remember there being a massive craze making friendship bracelets. We use to stick a few pieces of thick wool into a safety pin and attach it to the knee of our trousers and get stuck in making bracelets, and I taught the girls how to make them a few years ago, which brought back some very good memories.

Alessia got sent the kumikreator  to test out a few weeks back and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it . Alessia is my creative child. She absolutely loves crafts and all things to do with making.

She is a little impatient when it comes to setting things out , but we both kept our fingers crossed in the hope that the kumikreator would be a walk in the park! :)

Inside the box is the kumikreator , instructions, clasps,stickers,different coloured string all set up and ready to be used, and the attachment handle that you attach to the kumikreator,which clicks into place and that is pretty much that part done with .

Round the bottom of  the kumikreator are 12 compartments to which  you attach your bobbin with string to the side of, to make the bracelet .They click when they are secure so you know when they are in right .

So ...

- Pick a design. They have a few to choose from in the book , or you can make your own.
-Click your bobbins in place and thread them through the hole and onto the handle I told you about .
-After you’ve done all of them, make sure they don’t go over the line , then click into place so they don’t move .
-Turn your handle at a good speed and watch the magic happen!
-When the handle opens that’s when your bracelet is done. Stick your stickers either side and snip.
-Attach your clasps either side and bobs your uncle , your bracelet is done.

I can’t believe  how easy and simple it is , to not only set up but to make the bracelets . Not a single problem, and if you do struggle , then the booklet included and also there is a website with a video instruction to help you out .We have had so much fun making these.

We give this a big 10/10 and would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves getting crafty

-We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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