The sun has gone his hat in, and his coming out to play, thank god!.We have had huge outbursts of rain and thunder and lightning for 4 days now and I honestly thought summer was over and that was the sun gone until next year!.

His come back out today to okay and we have had a glorious day in the garden. The girls have got a huge swimming pool which we are hoping to put up when we move, so for now we got out Alessias little one that she had for her birthday. It has a big back to it and comes with water crayons to draw on.

I knew it would keep the little ones happy , and they were in there for hours having the best time today, obviously making sure they would creamed up with their Solero 50+ sun cream, I love this one as it’s suitable for eczema prone skin and all the girls have eczema and it’s water resistant , which is perfect for an afternoon of pool time :)

 I got a bit of sunbathing in, which is always a plus as I never usually have 5 minutes to sit and relax, but today has been such a chilled out day.i managed a hot cup of tea, some work and some email catch up. Bliss.

I ended up bringing lunch outside and we had a little snacky lunch, which is the girls favourite at the minute - cheese and crackers, yoghurt and berries and they are happy little munchkins. The day has gone so quick. It always does when your having a nice time doesn’t it .

On week 2 of the summer holidays now and we are still loving every minute , how are you finding them?


  1. Aww it looks like such a fun week and this hot weather is just perfect for making the paddling pool :)

  2. What a lovely day relaxing in the paddling pool and the garden. The summer holidays are going great aren't they, we are loving this weather

  3. The weather has been amazing hasn’t it? The grandparents have got a massive paddling pool in their garden so we have been dropping in quite a bit to use that!

  4. The pool looks fab and the girls look like they are enjoying it. Hoping the sun comes back and fast but we are predicted some much needed rain this weekend

  5. I really like the little pool. We have a similar pool here and the kids love it.

  6. Ah, what a gorgeous day! Love a snacky lunch, and so nice for you to enjoy the sunshine too. Winning on all accounts!


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