Wednesday 29 August 2018


I bought a ticket!. Some might say i am mad as we actually move back to Staffordshire on the 9th September from Norfolk, so only giving myself a week to get unpacked and ready for blogontoys but i loved it so much last year i knew i was not missing it!.

What is the best thing about blogging?

Honestly, i love most of it - not the 3am writing because i have had a teething baby to contend to all day and have a deadline :) but for the most part, i enjoy being my own boss. Meeting lovely people and being part of something brilliant!.

What was your dream job when you were growing up?

It was actually a veterinarian.

What is your lucky number? 

3- No idea why.

What is your favourite season?

I love Halloween and Christmas, I do love summer because i hate being cold, but i love getting the house cosy for autumn and Christmas with the family is my favourite!.

If you had to choose one what would your favourite dish from the Chinese be?

Oh definitely prawn curry with prawn toast, yum!

What is your useless talent?

I can flick my eyelid over and it sticks. Pretty ridiculous and pointless but the kids use to love me doing it at school, such a cool kid me ha :)

If you could keep any animal as a pet what would you choose?

I love elephants, but i am probably guessing keeping one of them would be impossible, but imagine rolling up on an elephant for the school run!

Which one meal would you eat forever?

Not a meal, but carrot cake...yes please

What is your favourite social media channel?


Tell us about your best ever holiday?

When we went to turkey. It was the girls and mine first time abroad and we were so scared of going on a plane but had the best time :)

Name one cake you rock at baking

Banana and chocolate chip bread- it's more cake than bread and the kids go mad when i make it.It doesn't last a day.

Hope to see some familiar faces and make some new friends- See you at blogon toys :)

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