Saturday 25 August 2018


Growing up and going to Clacton every summer holiday was my childhood. I have taken the older two back to where we use to have our summer holidays and I would love to go back there with all the girls. I had my favourite game that you could bet your life on , I would be on it for most of the duration of our holiday.

It was a bandit and for the life of me I can not remember what it  was called ,  it it was a ghost themed one and I was obsessed with it, and I haven’t seen it around for years!.You always have that favourite game that you play on don’t you? The one you always go back to or you always start on.

We come to Hemsby arcades every year. My parents live there and it’s an easy holiday by the beach. We have been here for most of the summer this year and the girls have definitely found their game :)

Lara Jones - Temple Of Tickets

I think we have spent most of the summer on this game . It is a 2P ticket game and the idea is to roll your 2P in one of the slots in order to win some tickets. If you get your 2P in the spin slot , the roulette wheel spins and you could end up with a a variety of bonuses- which is the jackpot, 100 tickets, 20 tickets , a boost.

The girls love this game , and so do I if I’m honest . We sit and play for ages and the best thing about it is it’s only 2P a go, and we have fun and giggle as a family .

We close our eyes and chant 'tickets' when we get our pennies in the spin slot we almost believe our chants work when we hit the jackpot , and of course if we don’t hit a good deal, we’ve obviously tried to hard , Alessia says :)

We’ve won enough tickets for sweets, dolls, slinkies , LOL bracelets , bubbles, money boxes. The girls are currently saving their tickets up for a bigger prize they can share. I am sure this game will continue to be a firm favourite for many years to come :)

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