Thursday 23 August 2018


We love visiting new places and we love exploring new attractions as the kids love exploring.Yesterday the sun was on our side , so we headed to roar dinosaur adventure park in Norwich. We are staying with my parents over the summer holidays so it is only 50 minutes away.

We are all massive dinosaur fans and were so excited !

We arrived mid morning , so had the whole day to explore . We got given a map and the girls had an activity book which they had to collect all the stamps in order to win a medal so we got stuck in and went on the hunt .

The park is pretty huge and you definitely need the map to help you know where you are going as we did end up back at square one at some point which made us all giggle!. - We didn’t actually get to look round everywhere and we were there all day ! , We collected all of our stamps and then stopped for lunch.

We walked round the little farm barn and Nila was amazed by all the chickens and the goats. She was talking away at them which was super cute.

We ended up at the entrance to the maze so decided to try it out , the dinosaurs roar gave the girls a little bit of a scare , but it definitely added to the attraction and Scott and I said it reminded us of Jurassic park.

 Alessia went in the outdoor play centre as she is a little obsessed with the slides and this one got a big thumbs up from Lessie. I love the fact that it was free too, a lot of places you pay entrance fee but everything inside is an extra charge. There were a few things you could pay to go on but for the most part they were free.

The outdoor play areas were incredible. All wooden and so much for the girls to chose from - swings, slides, which one was a huge dinosaur and had a slide coming out of its tail and also out of its mouth, it was brilliant . There was a splash area , but we gave that a miss this time but would definitely try it out next time .

Our last stop was the gift shop where the girls got a cuddly dinosaur teddy each and of course plenty of sweets. The gift shop is very reasonable priced , which is a nice change :)

We have had an incredible day. The attraction is so well thought out . With places to eat, and also picnic areas ,things to do for all ages as our girls range from 13 months to 15 years old. A big thumbs up from the whole family .

Thanks for having us :)

-We were gifted complimentary tickets to review the dinosaur park

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