Tuesday 21 August 2018


In the modern world, charity is a bigger industry than ever before. With more and more people able to comfortably
support themselves with a little extra, the act of giving has never been easier, and this is making huge positive
changes in society.

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Of course, though, not everyone feels like simply donating money is enough. Action is one of the best ways to truly
make a difference, especially when you have a particular cause in mind. To help you out with this, this post will be
exploring some of the best ways to combine your love for travel with a little bit of charity, giving you the power to
make any adventure into something ethical.

Choosing Your Adventure: The options at your disposal for this are almost overwhelming. There are companies
out there which purely specialise in getting people around the world to help with various issues, ranging from
conservation to teaching kids. For some, though, having the chance to embark on an epic challenge while raising
money for charity will be the best. Whether you plan to do a sponsored hike around the world’s tallest mountains
or you’d prefer to cycle the entire length of a continent, you can find a vacation which will not only make you feel
good, but also give you the chance to see more than you would on a normal trip.

Raising Money: Before you can jet off, there will be some which has to be done at home, and a large part of this
will revolve around the money you make. When you take on a sponsored challenge, you will have to get all of
the people pledging money to do so long before you leave. There will often be deadlines for this. To achieve this
goal in good time, it will be worth reaching out to as many people as possible, and the best place for this is social
media. Alongside this, if you have the confidence, you could also go door to door to scrape together some more
of the money you need, but this probably won’t be necessary.

The Options To Avoid: Of course, where you have something good in the world, you will also find the bad, and the
same can be said for charity travel. There are loads of vacations available which claim to give you the chance to
make a difference, when the reality of the situation is very different. Going to a remote area and taking on the role
of a teacher or engineer will help them in the short term. But, to give them the tools they need to flourish, it would
be much better to train the current residents to do the jobs themselves. Skills are often more valuable than time,
making it worth picking your options very carefully.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling excited about the prospect of making some change while you do
something you love. Very few people get to go down a route like this, making it worth pursuing if you have the

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